11 seconds with Madiba

I met Nelson Mandela twice. Each time it was fleeting but those 11 seconds have stayed with me. The second time was about 4 seconds long and we were completely alone. I was working at an agency called TBWA Gavin Reddy in Houghton in Johannesburg. Houghton was the suburb where Mandela lived. I was walkingContinue reading “11 seconds with Madiba”

It’s not the stars that are important, it’s the spaces between them.

Photo courtesy geek philosophy.com Well, yes and no. This is an old Buddhist quote. I have been thinking about it and how it relates to what I do now and what I will do in the future. For a long time, advertising was designed around stars. Dots of light. Points of excitement. And then nothing.Continue reading “It’s not the stars that are important, it’s the spaces between them.”

Trust me I am a creative.

Over my career I have often heard people talking about formulas. A foolproof way to arrive at a perfect creative result. To replicate something over and over. A system for ideas. That’s like saying, let’s use communism to create lego. Sometimes, I still have nightmares about 700 page style guides. Whole forests have died inContinue reading “Trust me I am a creative.”

It’s the cracks that let the light in.

I shot this photograph 20 years ago on Rockey Street in Johannesburg. It’s an important photograph for me because it represents my philosophy on creativity. Creativity is a very strange process. It involves having a vision that you completely believe in and would defend to the hilt. It also involves having the ability to throwContinue reading “It’s the cracks that let the light in.”

Cool Runnings. What a Jamaican Eatery taught me about boardrooms.

Growing up I was always fascinated by stand up comedy. I would watch early Saturday Night Live tapes of Belushi at his best and his worst. Bill Hicks destroying audiences and them laughing and thanking him for it. Richard Pryor being a free basing genius. I think it was the mixture of sheer terror ofContinue reading “Cool Runnings. What a Jamaican Eatery taught me about boardrooms.”

If Russell Brand doesn’t have a fat friend called Greg, he has a problem.

Russell Brand is using his many skills as an a stand up comedian against Jeremy Paxman in an interview we probably have all seen by now. As I watch it, I have this overwhelming feeling of de ja vu. I have seen many speak like this before. And they are normally one half of aContinue reading “If Russell Brand doesn’t have a fat friend called Greg, he has a problem.”