Advertising. Leicester City meet Boaty McBoatface.

    “Let’s have some new cliches.” Samuel Goldwyn My friend and kindred blog spirit, Rich Siegel, writes a fantastic blog called RoundSeventeen. Recently he told me a story about pitching an idea. It was for the Olympics. The idea was simple. Do a campaign about the athletes that come stone last at the games.Continue reading “Advertising. Leicester City meet Boaty McBoatface.”

An algorithm hears music. We feel it.

“Because an algorithm can’t come up with Popeye.” Dave Trott About 20 years ago for a brief moment I thought I was a genius. I had been given a brief for a large telco company and only a day to crack it. My partner and I worked late into the night. We filled the wallsContinue reading “An algorithm hears music. We feel it.”