For the creatives. I asked A.I what’s wrong with A.I.

“The sad thing about artificial intelligence is that it lacks artifice and therefore intelligence.” Jean Baudrillard “Is artificial intelligence less than our intelligence?” Spike Jonze It’s December so I am feeling a bit lazy. So, instead of writing a blog I asked ChatGPT to do it for me. ChatGPT is a prototype artificial intelligence chatbotContinue reading “For the creatives. I asked A.I what’s wrong with A.I.”

Maybe hope is a strategy.

“Hope smiles from the threshold of the year to come, whispering ‘it will be happier’.” Alfred Lord Tennyson A love letter to the creatives. I will tell you a secret. Sometimes, I walk into bookshops hoping to find something I am not looking for. I will come back to that in a minute. But first,Continue reading “Maybe hope is a strategy.”