If Russell Brand doesn’t have a fat friend called Greg, he has a problem.

Russell Brand is using his many skills as an a stand up comedian against Jeremy Paxman in an interview we probably have all seen by now. As I watch it, I have this overwhelming feeling of de ja vu. I have seen many speak like this before. And they are normally one half of aContinue reading “If Russell Brand doesn’t have a fat friend called Greg, he has a problem.”

Trying to find Jesus through advertising

The team started to explain their idea to the Group Account Director. He wasn’t having the best of days. I was watching his face as he listened. It began to change with a small laugh. Then he started laughing uncontrollably until he was crying.Tears were rolling down his cheeks. Laughter is a very powerful thing.Continue reading “Trying to find Jesus through advertising”

Glory is fleeting but obscurity is forever.

      A great quote from Napoleon Bonaparte. Admittedly, it all ended pretty badly for him on a godforsaken island in the South Atlantic but I am sure on a clear day the views were almost spectacular. The reason I use this quote is I was recently reading Dave Trott’s remarkable and excellent bookContinue reading “Glory is fleeting but obscurity is forever.”

When photography was music

I read a stat the other day from the Executive Chairman of Alphabet (formerly Google) Eric Schmidt that was remarkable and pretty fucking scary. We now generate as much information every 2 days as was generated from the beginning of time until 2003. Every 2 days. To be honest, my brain just starts singing comfortingContinue reading “When photography was music”