Don’t walk. Run.

I am at the airport. I am waiting for my family to arrive.

A father walks into arrivals. Two boys about six and eight see him. Their faces light up. They literally change to another frequency.

The energy of the moment travels through their eyes and creates an energy that has to be released. They cannot contain themselves. They have to go there. We want them to go there.They take one step slowly. And then they scream. They scream as loudly as they can and run as fast as they can towards their father. They hit him like a wave and for a brief moment there is the purest joy. In a bland, beige airport, full of rushing and unhappiness, pure joy.

I look around. We all had run with them. Everybody is crying and smiling. For a second a group of total strangers are happy together in an airport. And then it is over.

I see this happen every day.

That energy and desire. When you are in a room trying to come up with ideas and then suddenly. Suddenly, somebody says something and we all see it. There it is. You have to go. We all have to go. And for a brief moment, pure joy. We are all smiling in the room.

The only way you can come up with truly great ideas is when you get that feeling.

This is what many don’t understand about creatives. Once you have that feeling about an idea you have to go to it. For a creative that is absolute truth. When you experience it, it lasts forever.

Talk to older creatives and they will tell you about ideas that they had twenty years ago that they never made. They still think about those ideas because they never could go to those ideas. And those ideas are still waiting. And that’s what kills you as a creative.

Later on, there will be a thousand worldly reasons to change the idea. Why it can’t be done.

But in the beginning, there is just an irresistible, unquenchable urge.

An urge, to run towards an idea like a small boy running towards his father.

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Chief Creative Officer The Monkeys New Zealand

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