When photography was music

I read a stat the other day from the Executive Chairman of Alphabet (formerly Google) Eric Schmidt that was remarkable and pretty fucking scary. We now generate as much information every 2 days as was generated from the beginning of time until 2003. Every 2 days. To be honest, my brain just starts singing comfortingContinue reading “When photography was music”

Ideas are like Goldfish. Easy to kill.

Ideas are truly the most beautiful things. They have such power and at the same time they are completely fragile. I have seen ideas born because the right people were in the room. I have also seen them happen because the wrong people were in the room. They can come from an argument or twoContinue reading “Ideas are like Goldfish. Easy to kill.”

If you only had a 0.0004% chance of being great would you do it?

As our business changes some things don’t. We have creatives who have to come up with ideas every day. You start at zero every morning. It’s hard because the demand for brilliance is getting faster and more complex. Think what an integrated campaign or platform was 5 years ago and think what options exist today.Continue reading “If you only had a 0.0004% chance of being great would you do it?”