Why we should listen to the beat of simplicity’s heart.

For the creatives. A piece about why we need simplicity now more than ever.

Damon's Brain

Everyone has a plan ’till they get punched in the mouth.

Mike Tyson

Many years ago I was in a terrible team. We didn’t get on and because of this we would have these long, stupid philosophical discussions about the right way to have ideas. We would talk about structure and what things should be called and how we should approach a project. We literally did everything besides have an idea. Even now, I can remember the ball tightening, paralysed fear, I felt every day as we tried to surf yet another semantic Tsunami.

We never agreed on anything and more importantly, never had any ideas worth talking about. It was a pretty dark moment in my career but it taught me one thing.Talking about having ideas, having theories about ideas, espousing a philosophy about creating ideas is not the fucking same as having one. And it taught me one…

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