If I knew then what I know now.


I have been a creative for 25 years. First as a photographer and then as a creative in advertising. So, I thought this would be a good time to write to my younger creative self about what I believe are rules for successful creative living.

Beginning. A blank piece of paper or screen. The clean space of potential and the emptiness of beginning. The fear never goes away. The excitement never goes away. What you do in that moment is everything. What is your intention? The truth is without an idea everything that happens afterwards cannot help.

Ideas. You cannot go to an idea, it has to come to you. As you do this more and more, you realise the ideas are right in front of you. The problem is the more you look for them the less you can see them. It’s hard to put this process into words. But the first time you have an effortless idea you will understand this.

Energy. Sir John Hegarty said that if you are the Rolling Stones you can still play Brown Sugar and get a standing ovation. That is a 40 year old idea. We cannot do that. A creative has to come up with a brand new idea every day. Cheeky, but definitely food for thought.

Comparison. Do not compare yourself to others. It is a waste of time.You cannot do what they do. They cannot do what you can do. All this does is breed insecurity and fear.And fear kills ideas and creativity instantly. If you don’t believe me watch a comedian who is afraid. He will always suck.

Listen. If there was a piece of advice I wish I had learnt earlier it would be to listen.There are millions of opinions in our business. But you have to listen to hear the answer. Listening, is the first thing you have to do to let an idea come to you.

People. You will meet people in this business who will inspire you to jump without a net into the unknown. You will do more than you thought you could because of them. Surround yourself with these people.

You will also meet massive arseholes. They take many forms. Liars, narcissists and those with super nova sized egos. The ones that think that only they can be right. Eventually, you will find out that most are deeply insecure. And hey, aren’t we all.

Kindness. If you can help someone, do it.If you can’t, don’t make it worse. You see it every day on advertising blogs in the comments section. Nastiness masquerading as high standards. My theory is that this is a bit like people who suffer abuse becoming abusers. My life is shit so I will make yours shit too. Why creatives do this to each other beats me. And I doubt they feel any better afterwards.If there is anybody we should help, it is another creative.

Bravery. An old CD once told a friend of mine, if you have balls you can roll far.

You need bravery in this business. When you are the only person in the room that believes in an idea, those are the moments you have to speak up. Speaking up for yourself and what you believe in doesn’t happen as much as it used to.

You begin on this voyage with enthusiasm and try to acquire wisdom. And later, you have to make sure your wisdom doesn’t dampen your enthusiasm.

This is the riddle we all have to solve. And it is the journey we all have to take.

I wish you well on yours.

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Chief Creative Officer The Monkeys New Zealand

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